Be the Master of your Finances

No longer are cashless systems 'adult things'. With Bridge, spend, budget, and save all your pocket money, all with your mobile phone.

Pocket money, digitalized


Scan it

Pay at the speed of light by scanning QR codes at merchants stall fronts in school and malls

Pay with favepay and grabpay

Spend online without pestering your parents for their credit card


Spend smart

Get notified instantly every time you pay for something

Set time-based or categorical limits on your own spending

View in-app summaries and analytics to understand your expenditure better


Save it

Set goals and save up for things that truly matter to you

Watch your savings grow with transaction roundups and parent-paid interest

As teenagers ourselves, we understand how inconvenient spending and managing our finances can be with cash. With Bridge, be the real boss of your finances

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